• Toby got his start in film by starring in the short films made by his older brother, Seth. Playing the assassin, the victim, or the zombie got him ready to jump on his opportunity when it came around. He was discovered in an acting class and has since booked lead and supporting roles in feature films, prime time TV and prize winning short films.

      Toby's most recent film is The Dark, a feature film shot in Canada that will be released in 2018. He & Nadia Alexander lead this thriller about two victims that take control of their situations.  He also held the lead role in the feature length thriller, Desolation. Filmed in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, and will be released nationwide on December 15, 2017.  Toby holds a supporting role in the Netflix series, Marvel's Iron Fist, playing the hero, Danny Rand, as a child. He also holds the lead role in the dark, southern drama; Arrow of Light, playing at festivals now. He was  visited by Aliens in the lead role of Tim, in Tim's Encounter.  From there, he played a younger brother with sibling issues in the supporting lead role of Doug in the short film, Speak, now making the festival rounds.  Toby also made another appearance on the WGN drama series, Underground, returning for season 2.

       Toby is the youngest of 6 children and has an adventurous streak that is probably the result of living with teenagers. He loves roller coasters and can't wait for the day that he is old enough to go skydiving. He studies martial arts, plays on the local soccer team and is also on the archery team. In his free time, he enjoys video games and playing with his dog, Oliver.  When he is on set, you can find him between scenes reading or sketching.